2020 Promise

The turn of a new year signifies a fresh start for many people. More often than not, we make resolutions. Fulfilling them is a different story altogether, though. The willpower to follow through our new year promises can be a difficult beast to tame.

It’s a daunting task, but this year, I’m fulfilling ten resolutions. These resolutions stem from my deep dissatisfaction of how I lived my life in the past year. They exist to make this year more meaningful and rewarding.

Without further ado, here are my ten promises. What are yours?

  1. Control my life and not just let it happen to me.

    It’s so tempting to succumb to the monotony of every day. Waking up, working, going straight home, and sleeping: I haven’t broken this pattern in forever, because it takes too much energy to do so. Anything outside of this chain I deem exhausting and frightening.

    Despite this, I always complain about how life is boring. Who knew running on autopilot could be exhausting?

    This time, I’d like to be more proactive. I’d like to seek out experiences and add variety to what I do. Whether it be as simple as writing for ten minutes or as daunting as learning a new language, I’d like to be more present.

  2. Actually socialise

    Socialising has become a fever dream. It causes me some anxiety, for the simple reason that I find it hard to actually banter in english. As I mostly use the language in a formal setting, taking it away from that makes me insecure. This has caused me to socialise less.

    My promise to myself is that I’ll try harder: I will talk to people without fearing that I’ll end up being mute. I’ll fake my confidence, until I no longer do.

  3. Join a club

    This relates to number two. Having a support system will help me overcome my anxieties.

    I already have a club in mind that I’d like to join. I promise to myself that I will learn about the club and, if our goals are complementary, sign up to become a member.

  4. Get in touch with 24 long-time friends

    Since moving to New Zealand three years ago, I’ve hardly kept in touch with my friends from back home. Many of us have drifted apart, sadly. I was too confident that my friendships would stand long periods of no communication.

    It’s time for a long overdue catch-up with my closest friends. Besides, I’ve got no friends in New Zealand (just kidding, but ew, cue sad cringe). The company of my long-time friends provides a warmth that new friendships couldn’t.

    Also, why 24? Because two a month is realistic, that’s why.

  5. Juggle hobbies

    A few months ago I read this article about how polymaths, such as Einstein, juggled their interests. It said that, when Einsten was stumped by mathematics, he would take some time off and pursue playing the violin or piano. It made me realise a simple thing: people can be bored by their own hobbies! The motivation to do a certain hobby isn’t always there.

    It was a simple revelation, but it was revolutionary for me. So it’s helpful to actually shuffle my hobbies and not focus on mastering each one at a time? I was floored.

    I have a list of hobbies I’d like to juggle: writing, drawing, painting, knitting, and learning the harmonica or ukelele. Admittedly I have little motivation for anything but writing. The tiniest interest is still there, though, and that’s enough of a reason to pursue other things.

  6. Either do a side hustle or enrol for a master’s degree

    I want to have a side hustle. Whether it be writing articles or managing someone’s social media, The idea of using my skills and making money outside of work is exciting. It sounds like a perfect way to learn while generating income.

    On the other hand, I also want to pursue higher education, specifically a Master’s programme in Developmental Communication. I have an unwavering desire to make the world a better place. Pursuing Dev’t Comms would allow me to find better ways to serve those in need.

    I know that I could only do so much, though. The reality is that I can only pursue one of these; having both will overwhelm me. Thus, I will only have either one or the other.

  7. Diversify funds

    I’m not the most creative person, but I do want to have more than one stream of income. So this year, I promise that I’ll find ways to diversify my funds. I’ve already done my initial research, so it’s only a matter of carrying through with it.

  8. Save 50% of my emergency funds, and 70% of my savings funds

    I initially had a higher percentage for these, but with everything I need to spend on this year, I realised that this is all I could manage. It’s much higher than any amount I’ve had before, though, so it’s a grand start.

  9. Learn to use WordPress

    There’s a reason this blog is powered by WordPress: I want to be more adept at the platform. I have a long-term project that involves WordPress, and having this blog is a good way to learn it.

  10. Open a Youtube channel

    I won’t be sharing the details of this just yet. A teaser, though: it’s coming some time this year!