About A Relearning

Hi, WordPress. It took me a while to shift from Medium to you, but here we are.

It’s high time for a fresh start. This blog is titled ‘Relearning’ because it will both represent and chronicle my relearning. Allow me to explain.

Last year was a dead year for me. It was a year when I merely followed the ebb and flow of life – never being proactive, always waiting for something to happen to me. I lived my life as if I were a spectator. I was on autopilot.

Needless to say it made for a dull year. I didn’t learn anything, didn’t gain any friends. Heck, my skills in everything downgraded, because I spent all my time either working or doing nothing. I hardly got in touch with any of my friends; it’s not a surprise that I feel more isolated now than I did before.

I don’t want to go through life like this anymore. Not doing anything and not making an effort depleted my soul. Thus I ushered the new year with bright eyes, and decided that this time, I’ll take control of my life.

This blog will be a chronicling of this year. It will be witness to all the things I’ll do that I never did last year, like socializing, taking up hobbies, and learning. It will be proof of my action. This is what I hope this blog will be, and I’m optimistic that this hope will materialise.

Let’s begin.

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