Cabin fever

Written last 21 March 2020

I’m writing from my favourite cafe again this Saturday morning, bypassing my original plan to stay at home amidst fears of the pandemic. I’ve only been staying at home for three days and cabin fever has already set in. Restlessness, irritability, the urge to get out and stay out – cabin fever is real and is rearing its ugly head.

My partner and I are attempting to be more creative in this dilemma of staying indoors. On day two of the attempt we realised we are, in fact, not very creative, as we have already spent more money than we anticipated. We’ve bought a Blue Yeti microphone (for all ASMR-lovers out there, watch out for my Youtube channel) and two Nintendo Switch games. Being bored could be expensive.

I’m very aware that I’m speaking from a point of privilege. If your main problem during this period in history is how to kill time and how you’ll keep from going crazy indoors, then you’re incredibly lucky. Boredom still is a problem though, and during this extraordinary time, it is an issue for many.

Here’s how I keep cabin fever at bay:

  • Establish a routine – If you’re spending all day thinking of what to do, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Establishing a routine keeps your day structured. Not to mention, a routine will eventually set you on autopilot, which means your brain power can be allotted to more important things.
  • Meditate – I attest to this. Healthy mind = sane mind. If you’re staying indoors for long periods of time, decluttering the mind is necessary.
  • Put your music on speakers and dance – OKAY, this sounds like something your single aunt with ten cats would say. But keeping things light in the time of coronavirus helps. Not to mention, dancing is a form of exercise, so you’re hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Exercise – I have two resistance bands which I use often to exercise. There are also tons of videos on Youtube on indoor circuit exercises and cardio.
  • Video chat with family and friends – Now is a perfect time to catch up with your loved ones. I’m sure they will be glad to hear from you!
  • Learning or practicing a new skill – I will admit that it can be a bit of a pain, but learning a new skill is a great way to spend your time. On my own list is: learning to do ASMR (lol), watercoloring, and writing some more.

What do you do to keep from being bored?

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