Today’s trivial thoughts

Alliteration – I didn’t mean to alliterate the title of this piece. It was originally supposed to be “Shallow thoughts,” but I wanted a less negative word to shallow. ‘Trivial’ came to mind.

Then I thought: what if I make this a regular series? There should be a word that differentiates one day’s thoughts from another. So “today” was included. It resulted in a cringe-y alliteration.

Eh, whatever. It’s too early in the morning to get hung up over it.

Video games – I’m annoyed. Partner and I bought Animal Crossing, expecting to have our own islands. But I found out last night that the game only allows for one island per Switch! And since he has started his game way ahead of me, it means I’m stuck in his island. Isn’t that just GREAT! 🙄

Since opening my account we’ve given each other death stares. Don’t mess with my island, his eyes say. If I could get off your island, I would, man!!

Making dessert -Partner has begun making delicious desserts since quarantine started. The other day he made financiers. Last night, he made strawberry tart from scratch.

Everything he makes is delicious, which is a problem for my paltry self-control. I’m stuffing my face with more sugar than I need! Our pantry has a generous share of chocolate and chips, too, which makes it worse. I have to master my self-control, even if just during the quarantine period!

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