Quarantine Day X: Yearning for alone time

The quarantine has been ongoing for almost a month now, which means that I have also been staying at home with my partner for the same amount of time. There are good and bad days, yes, but there are also days when I can’t stand being with someone else.

I know I have it good. There are many people who are in quarantine by themselves and are longing for interaction. It could also be difficult living through this with another person, though. It’s not everyday that you feel glad you’re not alone.

My partner and I get along excellently most days. We share the same ideas, have intersecting interests, and are preoccupied with our own to-do’s. He works on his photography and video editing, while I write, paint, and play video games. There are days, though, when one (or, God forbid, both) of us wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. And it’s these days, when every wrong move feels like a slight, that make me want to pull my hair.

Then there are days when I yearn to just be by myself, to get some time to think. On these types of days, it won’t matter who offers themselves as company. I would refuse. These are times when I want to enjoy my solitude, to meditate, and to work on my projects silently. It’s usually at these times when I’m at my most productive.

Today, I want to be alone to think. My future is uncertain because of the coronavirus; it has stretched the timeline of my plans for much longer than I anticipated. I have to think of alternative plans to keep myself from failing. This requires silence. But as this isn’t much of an option to me, I’ll most likely go for a run instead. It will clear my head, and hopefully give me some clarity. Wish me luck.

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