A letter to my 2022 self

Hi Kring,

Happy new year! How is it like, living in 2022? I bet it isn’t much different to how it is now, with the exception of vaccines being widely available in some parts of the world. Fingers crossed that the Philippines is among them – I really want to go home and see mom and dad.

I want you to know that I have a lot of hopes for you. The start of each years always brings about a renewed hope that we will continue our work, but in a better, smarter way. 2020 was a success in this regard – it was a big leap from 2019, where we were purely on autopilot.

I know how you work, Kring. You work slow, but want fast results. You get anxious when your tasks seem monumental, so much so that you save them for another day. I know your insecurities – you believe you’re not capable of much, that the only things you can do are those that require the bare minimum. You think you’re a loser and that you can’t swim against the tide.

It’s a wonder, where all these insecurities come from. Why do we engage in so much negative self talk? We remember our failures more so than our achievements – and we (at least I do, maybe it’s no longer true for you!) believe that they are proof that we aren’t clever and capable enough to do more.

2022 self, this I promise you: I will begin engaging in positive self-talk. This is going to be my big thing this year. I’ve been anchored down by my poisonous thoughts for so many years. I will break these self-imposed shackles this time, and not ride on my fear of failure.

We both know it, right? That this fear has been the root of our problems. I will work to temper this demon of a thing. Everything else will fall in its proper place, I think, as I tackle this head-on.

I have more resolutions than the above. But going above my fear is integral to achieving everything else. This is where my hope comes from! It’s great to have this small hope at the start of the year.

I know you’ll be better than me, 2022 self. I’m excited to put in the work to become you.


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