The fun of drawing

I considered my skill in drawing to be a thing of the past. During university I was obsessed with the video game Persona 4, and the only way I could channel my love for it was by creating fan art. Having started with cringe-worthy comics, I gradually begun making « decent » art. It was decent enough to have amassed me two thousand followers on Deviantart.

Sharing my art on a social platform had, unfortunately, made me lose sight of my why. What was once an expression of love, and was pure fun, became a way to get validation. Add to that the number of artists my age who were tons better than me… well, my insecurity reached peak levels. I decided I was a crap artist and quit.

Ten-plus years on and I still carried some of that frustration with me. My attempts to draw would be half-hearted because I knew I was rusty, and not to mention, there are so many talented people who are way younger than I am! I bought a drawing tablet, but couldn’t even muster the discipline to set it up.

My partner, Franck, saw my birthday as an opportunity to do something about it. He bought me an iPad Air, and because I didn’t want to waste such a pricey gift, I decided that I should really try drawing again this time around.

How is it so far? Well, I love it. Thanks, Apple, for making the iPad so easy and fun to draw on! Here are some of my practice sketches.

Drawing has become fun again when I re-oriented my why. I’m not drawing for recognition or profit, but for the fun of it. When I internalised that – it took a few years and an unused tablet – the rest was a cakewalk.

What skill from your younger years would you like to take up again? I’d love to know.

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