A most memorable trip: France

France, oh France… where do I begin?

You were wonderful. You were memorable. And you were, most certainly, incredible.

Let me rewind the situation for you, dear reader. Prior to traveling to l’Hexagone (as France is called, because it is shaped like a hexagon), I was stuck in an archipelago at the end of the world. For two and a half years, New Zealand made it almost impossible for its residents to leave the country over fears of the coronavirus. I had no choice but to stay put, because if I went out, I, as a non-citizen, would certainly never be able to come back.

So imagine my pleasure at being able to travel again. To France, of all places! The land of bread and cheese. Even more titillating was the fact that it is the furthest place from New Zealand! I was as far away from my cage as humanely possible!!

But yes – France. It is the most memorable trip I’ve had, of all the trips that I’ve done thus far in my young life. For one, I got engaged. I also got to meet my partner’s family in the flesh, after five years of us being together (you could tell that things are getting serious between him and me!) I was also able to experience both authentic French living and a more touristy route. A massive kudos to the fiancé for planning a whole spectrum of experiences!

I look forward to writing more in-depth about particular experiences. For now, enjoy this little gallery below!

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