About A Relearning

A Relearning was born last 2020 out of a desire to live with purpose. It served as an accountability blog for yours truly.

I told myself that 2020 was going to be my year. Having lived on autopilot the year before, I was determined to not let life pass by me again. This came with a set of promises – 10 items that would allow me to live more fully.

Then the pandemic came and the world stopped. Despite this, I was thankfully still able to make the most of what there was.

Most of my achievements were not written down on this blog – the site became a feed for random thoughts. And yet its existence was a huge motivator for me to keep my promises. It helped me in holding myself accountable. So in a way, 2020 did become my year.

Now comes a new year. I no longer think it’s going to be “my year.” But I will continue to live wide awake, and not run on autopilot.

Welcome to A Relearning.

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